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New Building

Our New Building


This is an artist’s rendition of our proposed new building to be located at 1788 Auburn Ravine Dr, Auburn, CA 95603. It will be 4713 sq. ft. and contain space for us to help clients needing groceries and a warehouse to store the food.

Many wonder why we are building a new building instead of leasing. When our lease expired, our research for a new location discovered that current lease costs are one to two times higher than our existing lease. Due in part to a generous financial bequest, we determined that the most cost-effective, long-term solution would be to build our own building.

We were fortunate to find this property at below its County assessment, on a bus route, and in a prime location. We purchased the property and are now planning the new building. The County has approved this general design and location. The blueprints and site improvement plans must be completed and approved by the County before the next steps can begin. A construction loan has been approved by the Rural Development Department of the USDA.

During this time of transition, our goal is to maintain our ability to provide the needed groceries to those in need while at the same time raising sufficient funds to cover the cost of the new building. We have projected the cost of the building but will not really know its cost until we can put the project out for bid. The project will be put out for bid when we receive approval from the County and from the USDA.

All donations are helpful.